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The Miracle Worker – movie review


In one of our recent TOK sessions, we were able to see “The Miracle Worker”, a movie that, indeed, is the one neglected in Poland. It tells the story of Helen Adams Keller (Patty Duke), a writer who lost her sight and hearing as an infant, and her struggle with the obstacle. Fortunately she was able to learn how to communicate with the world, on behalf of Annie Sullivan (Annie Bancroft) who herself had to deal with similar problem.

I am sure that WE, as generally healthy people, do not wonder what the person with such barriers has to conquer, and this is what struck me the most. Nowadays people complain about everything, they hurry everywhere, they lack sense, paradoxically possessing all senses. Just make a quick experiment, close your eyes, use earplugs, and observe what happens. Probably you sense of touch, smell, and taste will enhance, as all the rest are weakened. The girl, Helen, relied mainly on her touch, due to that she was capable of learning Braille alphabet, which enabled her to connect with others. Without the miracle teacher, Helen would be condemned to deal with her loving family, who only quieted her development.


Annie used various methods to help the girl. Punishment, envy, anger, may seem to be inappropriate; however, to my amazement they worked perfectly, ultimately contributing to great success. The teacher understood Helen like nobody else, as by empathising with her she knew what would please her, what she desires, and what is inside of her. Two weeks period-spent tête-à-tête was a time full of hatred, doubts, but time without which Helen would not live her life to the full.

Moreover, “The Miracle Worker” shows how significant role the spoken word plays. I can put forward another experiment to convey in order to experience its virtue, but it is not the point. Helen expressed her feeling using her body and movement. Her emotions were seen on her face; there was sorrow, there was happiness. She found her own way for revealing her personality. At first sight, for people it seems easy; “where is that difficulty? I can communicate with others without using words”- you may think. That is why, for me, Helen was a hero; she as a child, overthrew an impediment, which for people living in a smartphone era is simply impossible.

To sum up, after watching the movie I left the school with tears in my eyes and even greater hatred towards us, people. We should take advantage of what we have, what we are able to do instead of carping about how bad the world is. Stop for a minute in that hurry and observe your body, as word is not the only way for expressing yourself. All I can add that it is sad…


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