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Why are we politically divided?

Why are we politically divided?

Famous political philosophers often admit in their speeches that they have one wish – that one day their ideology will rule the world, everyone will follow it. However, it never happens and we cannot see any signs that this will change. What is the reason for this situation? The answer is quite simple – we all are different. Since our birth, we are raised in a specific background (it does not matter if it is a mix of different backgrounds, it still is specific) and so we learn different values. It is very hard to make someone completely leave behind the values that they were taught in their childhood. Different backgrounds Let us look at some examples. Nestor Ivanovych Makhno, a famous Ukrainian anarchist, was born in a very poor peasant family. When he was just 7 years old he be...
Brain organoids – science-fiction in real life
Najlepsze, Nauka

Brain organoids – science-fiction in real life

In the last decade, the interest in human stem cells in therapy increased due to the demand for new technologies for curing particular diseases. Some time ago, “organoids”- organs-like structures from stem cells in our body were created, just like in a science fiction book. Organoids can provide knowledge about the complexity of the organs, how they work, grow, or even how the diseases form on them. However, this new “tool” raises several ethical and moral issues. Ethics behind the use of human stem cells to grow the brain Most attention gets to brain organoids as the matter of undefined existence of developed consciousness as it is the characteristic of the brain. However, is the creation of new healthy organs beneficial for society to cure diseases located in the brain? The questio...
Meeting with Jessica Bruder –  author of “Nomadland” [REVIEW]

Meeting with Jessica Bruder – author of “Nomadland” [REVIEW]

As a part of the American Film Festival, the US embassy in Poland organized a meeting with Jessica Bruder- a writer and a teacher in Columbia school of journalism. Her most famous book is called “Nomadland”, which was the main topic of the meeting. She also described the process of writing the non-fictional novel and her personal experience connected to it. Eye-opening event I consider the meeting with an author of the “Nomadland” as an eye-opening event. Not only was it an exceptional opportunity to get to know the author, but also a wonderful way to broaden my knowledge of journalism and learn more about the "nomads". Listening to a live conversation of such a successful and inspiring personality allowed me to have a better understanding of the emotional attachment of the wr...